How Lynx Energy is Transforming Sand Management in the Permian

“Not only did the Defender handle those extreme rates, we were seeing virtually no trace of sand carry-over in the 4-phase. The sand capture rate was 98% for the entire 45-day test. Our team was impressed.”

Andre Le
President, Lynx Energy Services

Lynx Energy, a flowback and testing company operating in West Texas, has experienced incredible growth the last year. With bold leadership, innovative practices, and experienced personnel, they are in pursuit to becoming one of the Permian’s most sought out flowback service provider by offering the most efficient and effective operations on the market.

lynx energy shop with sandtinel units lynx energy defender separator

The Problem

Lynx's customers are constantly evolving, optimizing and improving their fracing techniques and technologies so Lynx's equipment not only needs to do its job effectively it also needs to evolve with demanding and changing operations.

“We were finding sand control solutions & its providers were becoming ineffective within our operations and were not keeping pace with the demands of the industry", says Andre Le, President of Lynx.

“At 10,000 plus of fluid a day & up to 100-200lb of sand an hour we were seeing carryover, sometimes a lot. Current solutions are not able to effectively remove sand at these volumes. And with no way of monitoring, measuring and trending sand coming to surface, it was challenging to pinpoint inefficiencies and work with our equipment providers to develop solutions and improve performance. And in order to remain competitive in the Permian, it’s an absolute necessity to continuously offer streamlined, effective operations to our clients.”

Andre discovered Sandtinel and put its Defender 5000 sand separator, featuring G2 technology, as well as its Sand Measurement System (SMS) to the test in south Permian basin.

The Test

Lynx rigged up Sandtinel’s Defender 5000 sand separator to their 4-phase test separator which connected to their client’s battery.

“The rig up of the sand separator was easy. Its spherical, compact design with L-skid has a much smaller footprint than other solutions we’ve used in the past. It was easy to maneuver and rig up saving my guys a lot of time,” Andre explains.

Known for bringing production on very fast, Lynx POP’d and was fully open within an hour. Production flow rates ranged between 8,000 – 15,000 BBL/day with water rates extremely high as well as sand production at 150-200 LB/hour.

defender unit handles flow rate sandtinel sand separator G2

The Result

“Not only did the Defender handle those extreme rates, we were seeing virtually no trace of sand carry-over in the 4-phase. The sand capture rate was 98% for the entire 45- day test. Our team was impressed.”

Lynx was so pleased with the results, and confident in the G2’s performance, that they have already started to displace their production test separator with two Defenders for all jobs going forward.

“Not only are we more effective at eliminating sand and minimizing erosion, we’re also more efficient with our equipment. Reducing our operational footprint on sites, gives us the ability to reduce rates & chargebacks to our customers and gives us the capacity to take on more jobs for them”.

Separated & stored sand’s volume and weight can also be monitored, trended and reported in real-time with Sandtinel’s Sand Measurement System (SMS) – resulting in better well data analysis & reporting. Empowering key stakeholders to make informed, strategic decisions regarding current and future well operations.

“From the RTU in the field to our desktops or phones, my team and our clients can login to review sand volumes in real-time for each well. This enables my personnel to be more productive & efficient in the field”.

“And this level of sand data & trending also enables me to provide frequent well data analysis & reporting to our clients which helps them in making better operational decisions moving forward”.

“We have been working with Sandtinel for four months now. What I’ve come to realize is that it’s not just their sand control solutions you get, its access to their entire team of Engineers, CFD researchers, field consultants, and account managers.

They are truly committed to understanding my business’s evolving challenges and applying this understanding to continuously improving and innovating their technology and product offering".

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