Sandtinel Case Study: Montney Gold Creek

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Montney producers are using Sandtinel separators to remove the enormous volumes of sand seen in drill-out operations. This field trial case study saw a producer who was struggling without an effective sand removal solution in northern Alberta. The sand separators they had used previously, such as horizontal type separators, struggled to keep up with the massive volumes of sand being produced. They needed a solution which was not only highly efficient, but which could also easily be cleaned out during periods of peak sand production.

Sandtinel analyzed their conditions, supplemented with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model the flow inside of our separator units. We determined that using a battery of our 48” spherical Sandtinel Defenders was the right choice for this application. The Defender provides high separation efficiency with easily operated dumps to blowdown tanks or sand collection tanks. Four Defenders for this customer were able to handle their high volumes of sand with regular dumps.

Sandtinel provides best in class sand separation efficiency in an easy to operate package, saving operators time on site. Sandtinel spheres also have the lowest fugitive emissions of gas per cube of sand processed of any sand separator device on the market today.

Check out the field trial and see how this producer was able to remove more than 170,000 lb of sand in their 50 day drill-out operation!

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