VL-TEK™ Reduces Methane Emissions

sandtinel vapor lock technology defender uses vl tek

Sandtinel, with its partners in the Permian and similar liquid rich basins, have identified the Vapor Lock Technology, VL-TEK™ as having significant benefits in reducing methane emissions during flowback operations.

“Our platform technology, VL-TEK™ with vapor lock, inherently creates highly efficient phase separation during the sand removal process. This phase separation provides a significant reduction in entrained gas in the water and sand slurry. The result is less gas evolving at the open top dump tanks. Our CFD and process engineering teams are currently modelling the operation to quantitatively define the benefit. Early field trials have shown a significant reduction in “off gas” from the liquid slurry drain over competitor solutions. We will continue to work with our partners in reducing methane emissions and the potential for dangerous LEL levels during flowback.” - Brent Rheaume, Founder & CEO.

We will provide further updates as the benefits and data are available. Producer and service companies seeking solutions to reduced methane emissions can contact us at (833) 539 SAND.

The Sandtinel Team

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