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Unparalleled Sand Management

Pushing the limits of what's possible in surface sand control.

Serving the US, Canada, & Beyond

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Sandtinel is far superior to other sand separators on the market. Our unrivaled technology removes over 95% of surface sand from production at a fraction of the footprint, using up to 50% less equipment and field personnel. See the drastic differences in backpressure during flowback improve your internal rate of return (irr), and with 55x less methane emissions compared to competing separators you will produce more cleanly and efficiently on every well.

On every job. On every drain cycle.

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The Sandtinel Guard

Outfitted with cutting edge technology, advanced CFD modeling, and the widest operating range, Sandtinel is the most advanced particle separation solution on the market today. Powered by Energera, Sandtinel's sophisticated sand separators are designed to combat the toughest operating scenarios and are built for deployment in virtually any environment or application.


Vessel Defender Unit
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Drillouts / Production
5,500 psi
10,000 BOED
200 - 600 lb Capacity

The infantry & bedrock of the fleet, the Defender’s sheer power & adaptability can combat sand in any well condition, in any basin.


Vessel Maverick Unit
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Flowback / Production
5,500 psi
13,000 BOED
300 - 700 lb Capacity

The fleet’s special force, Mavericks are called in for the most extreme well conditions & when fine sand is infiltrating production.


Vessel Guardian
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Flowback / Production
10,000 psi
13,000 BOED
150 - 400 lb Capacity

Thriving in extreme conditions, the Guardian defends your equipment from erosion & degradation assaults.


Vessel General Unit
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Facilities / Multi-Well
1,440 psi
60,000 BOED
1,000 - 4,000 lb Capacity

Boss of the fleet, the General commands your facilities & multiwell pads by controlling, storing & eliminating vast quantities of sand.






The Sandtinel Advantage

  • Reduce backpressure and increase production.
  • Lower environmental impact, emissions, and operating footprint.
  • Minimize variable and hidden costs associated with backcharges, equipment repair, and maintenance.
  • Eliminate downtime with on the fly and filter less sand removal.
  • Access live data and reporting 24/7 through the online portal.

Unrivaled Sand Separation & Savings

Customers are reporting 20-60% more sand captured on every job using a Sandtinel vessel. As a result, they are saving $10-20M/year in OPEX by displacing redundant equipment and optimizing field personnel.

Calculate how much you can save using Sandtinel.

Based on real benchmarks from real Sandtinel customers, this is how much savings we project your operations can achieve:

How many wells / jobs projected over the next year?

How many days, on average, per well / job?

Find My Savings

savings in equipment per year

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estimated total OPEX savings per year
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*Estimated based on cost savings calculations and projections from a US Permian flowback partner, and are not guaranteed to scale to every location or application.

Put Sandtinel to Work Today

Gain confidence in sand management. Dominate flowback & production. Book a demo to see how.

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Performance Reporting

CFD Modeling

Advanced data analysis utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to improve and test sand separation capabilities.

Job Performance Reporting

Digital sand monitoring, vessel performance reports, and field support for optimal efficiency and cleaner operations. 

Sand Management Consulting

Expert analysis & advice, improving efficiency and empowering key stakeholders to make informed, strategic decisions.
  • Monitor & trend sand volume / weight in real time from the RTU, desktop, or phone.
  • Field personnel are more efficient & proactive with sand drain cycles.
  • Provide better well data analysis & reporting. Empowering key stakeholders to make informed, strategic decisions.
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What Our Clients Say

Environmental Protection

The only sand separator that significantly reduces methane emissions on every drain cycle.

The VL-TEK™’s highly efficient sand management system significantly reduces entrained gas in the water and sand slurry up to 55x less than competing solutions. As a result, there's dramatically less gas wasted at collection tanks.

Drain Cycle Emissions Compared to Cyclonic Separator (Water, Oil, Gas)
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Learn More About Sandtinel & Energera's Commitment to the Environment
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The most advanced multi-phase particle separation system on the market.

Sandtinel’s patented Vapor Lock Platform Technology (VL-TEK™) has been proven to remove over 95% of produced sand from production. Sandtinel averages 20-60% more sand captured on every job when compared to other solutions.

See How It Works

Filter-Free Sand Management

The only sand separator that enables quick, on-the-fly, filterless sand removal.

Drain sand in minutes and eliminate non-productive time caused by shut-ins, downtime, plugged filters, or sand raking.


downtime, filters, or raking sand


operator exposure

Latest From the Field 

Stay in the know with Sandtinel's latest news, blogs, press releases, white papers and more.

Serving Basins Across North America

Hundreds of Sandtinel units are in operation across Canada & the US, providing crucial support to completion, production, and facilities stakeholders.

We're headquartered in Grande Prairie, Alberta, with offices in:

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North Dakota

In just 5 years, 787 vessels have been deployed to over 2,300 locations across North America for some of the most prolific producers in the world.

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Sandtinel will perform for your needs.

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