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Revolutionary Sand Separators

It's what's inside that counts.

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Water Treatment

Effective treatment solutions with a small footprint.

Using Sandtinel’s new technology ahead of a traditional water purification system can significantly reduce the needs for additional clarification by knocking out a large fraction of solids and particulates early.

Optimizing Water Treatment

For smarter, greener, safer and cleaner operations. 

External Power 
Not Required 

Plug and play the Sandtinel vessel to reduce equipment workload and chemicals needed, without adding additional power draw.


Ensure constant flow rates and consistent quality of water runoff processed, otherwise impacted by seasonal variabilities.

Operator Safety

Sandtinel vessels allow for quick, easy and safe sand removal with the turn of a valve. Zero filters, zero raking, zero exposure. 

Boost Savings Potentials

Reduce chemical usage, sludge disposal, equipment wear, and maintenance downtime.

Scenarios for Water Treatment

Sandtinel technology offers at least a 50% improvement in obscuration reduction compared to passing through a hydrocyclone (without underflow enabled), with almost all separation done in the first pass through the system. An intervention with an effective mechanical separator could remove over 50% of the material that's jamming up the filters, drastically reducing the need for operator interventions.

Produced Water Sand Removal

Reduce load placed on filters

  • 100% peak separation efficiency via Vapor Lock technology
  • Water plant seeing issues with constant time and replacements needed for filters.
  • Seeing all sorts of accumulation on their filters from sour produced water.
  • Jamming up and requiring way more time clearing the filters than expected.
Jammed Filter

Bulky Solids Removal

Remove large debris before filters.

  • Remove rocks, larger debris, before reaching filters and settling tanks.
  • Prevent potential intake disasters associated with excess riverbank erosion.
  • Save time and money clearing or replacing jammed filters.
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Feedwater Pre-Clarification

Reduce feedwater turbidity.

  • Pre-clarification stage reduces feedwater turbidity (cloudiness).
  • Greatly reduces costs and need for chemical treatment.
  • pre-treatment solution with a small footprint.
Sandtinel Turbidity Reduction

Efficient Solids Removal with Sandtinel

Best in class separation efficiency at a wide range of operating conditions using entirely mechanical (static) means:
No filters to get clogged: 
Reduce manpower and time spent on cleaning out or changing filters.
No External Power: 
With no external power requirements and a low footprint means simple plug and play.

No moving parts: 
Simple operation with the ability to automate seamlessly with existing systems.
SUPerior 'TURNDOWN' : 
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Using Sandtinel’s technology ahead of a traditional water purification system can significantly reduce the needs of the clarification system by knocking out a large fraction of the solids while providing consistency to the seasonal variability of water quality from runoff.

See savings compared to traditional chemicals and separation solutions in the form of reduced chemical usage, reduced sludge volume disposal, smaller footprint, and higher separation efficiencies.


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