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Revolutionary Sand Separators

It's what's inside that counts.

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Sandtinel Unit
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Don't Hold Your Well Back

Sandtinel just works better.

Sandtinel Sand Separators are setting the standard for sand separation with trailblazing solutions for multiple applications that are simple to set up, operate and monitor. Boost productivity, eliminate downtime, reduce fugitive emissions, and lower overhead costs, all while minimizing your operational footprint.

Accelerating Production

For smarter, greener, safer and cleaner operations. 

Emissions Control 

Beyond offering superior sand separation, VL-TEK™ serves as an evaporative emission control system trapping gas and vapor. 


Our sand separators are increasing efficiencies and saving money on every job by capturing up to 60% more sand. 

Operator Safety

Sandtinel vessels allow for quick, easy and safe sand removal with the turn of a valve. Zero filters, zero raking, zero exposure. 

Smaller Equipment Footprint

Multiple legacy and static sand control devices can be displaced with a single high-performing and robust Sandtinel vessel.

Superior Sand Separation 
with Sandtinel

Uncover the distinct advantages of Sandtinel's VL-TEK separators over traditional cyclonic & spherical separators:
Superior Efficiency : 
Increase your sand removal from 50-80% to 90-100%
Store up to 600 lb. of sand, based on flow velocity.

Superior 'TURNDOWN' : 

Choose the Right Sand Separator

The Sandtinel’s fleet provides superior separation efficiency, high storage capacity, better turndown performance, and overall, more effectively manages produced sand compared to traditional options.

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For specific well conditions, Sandtinel offers CFD simulations, performance estimates, emissions comparisons, and more upon request. Advanced units and configurations are also available to tackle more challenging conditions.

Not all sand separators are Equal

Producers have learned that not all sand separators are equal. Advanced Computer Fluid Simulations (CFD) as well as field trials across major basins show that Sandtinel's Vapor Lock technology and high-performance separation efficiency consistently outperforms alternative technologies and imitators.

The Sandtinel Advantage

  • 95+% separation efficiency via Vapor Lock technology.
  • Enhanced well production due to reduced pressure drop.
  • Increased sand storage capacity, reducing the need for frequent dumps.
  • Emissions reduction by 55x during dump operations compared to other technologies.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

And ahead of constantly evolving operations with Sandtinel's superior technology, unrivaled performance, and sand control solutions that are always on the cutting edge of what's possible.

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Our Approach.

The transformative power of technology and design drives our team of R&D experts to relentlessly innovate, test, and search for pragmatic solutions that simplify products, elevate performance, and inspire change.

We accomplish this by:

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Attracting Core Talent

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Employing passionate problem solvers, doers, and inventors from top universities.
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Practicing Rapid Prototyping

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Using CFD technology to rapidly prototype and develop particle separation innovations.
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Developing Evolving Solutions

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Constantly tweaking, configuring, and adapting our core technology to evolving needs and unique conditions.
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Vapor Lock Platform 
Technology (VL-TEK™)

The VL-TEK™’s 95%+ sand capture rate is undisputed & unrivaled in the industry.

Found at the core of every vessel, Sandtinel's VL-TEK™ technology is fundamental to each generation’s design, resulting in superior separators that continue to outperform competing separators in all measurable categories, greatly lowering overall OPEX.

The Process

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Vapor Lock

In the upper hemisphere, a large cross-sectional saw-tooth dome creates a vapor lock and temporarily forces a phase separation of the gas from the liquids in the incoming mixture.  

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Sand Lock 

The lower hemisphere consists of a cross-shaped vortex breaker and anchor plate designed to capture and lock in sand at the bottom of the vessel for effective removal and monitoring. 

Sandtinel Process
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Sand Measurement 
System (SMS)

Monitor sand weight in real time with the SMS.

The Sand Measurement System (SMS) utilizes calibrated load cells to accurately measure the amount of sand collected by the separator on each dump providing a complete view allowing field personnel to be more efficient and proactive with drain cycles.

The System

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Load Cells

Load cells under the vessel legs can measure the amount of sand collected in the separator.

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Monitor sand weight in real time allowing field personnel to be more efficient & proactive with sand drain cycles.

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Dispatcher Auto-Dump System 

The Sandtinel Dispatcher is an optional automated dump solution add-on which is fully integrated with the Sandtinel system and can be operated on a timed basis or connected to SMS.

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Our Locations:

There are hundreds of Sandtinel units in use across North America, and we're here to support your operations in any basin with offices in:

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