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CFD Modeling

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Modeling Services

Computational Fluid Dynamic

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Advanced CFD techniques to optimize Sandtinel performance and enhance flow management across diverse conditions.
Erosional Modeling

Erosional Modeling of Expected Wear

Combines CFD and analytics to predict wear hotspots and shows the quantified benefit of Sandtinel units.​

Trending And Analysis

Flowback Trending and Analysis

Helps users understand the flow profile and models where Sandtinel was successful, as well as any discrepancies in the curve.
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Modeling for Every Step of the Process

Sandtinel's modeling services cater to your needs both before and after acquiring a Sandtinel unit.

Our pre-purchase analysis helps you identify the ideal model for your operational requirements by thoroughly assessing your sand management challenges. 

Post-purchase, our cutting-edge CFD simulations provide valuable insights into the unit's performance, enabling continuous optimization and ensuring efficient flow management throughout its lifespan.

Performance Predictions | Emissions Comparisons | Flowback Optimizations

Sandtinel Curve Generator

Develop a customized operating curve to see how Sandtinel will perform for your needs.

This tool will build you a personalized operating curve to help you find the perfect Sandtinel separator for your operations. Your custom-generated curve will show you the full range of flow rates where Sandtinel can remove more sand than any other mechanical sand separator on the market.

Sandtinel provides several best-in-class sand separators, from our Defender, Maverick, and Guardian units for single well production and flowback, up to our 96” Generals for multi-well and facilities applications. When we utilize the curve generator predictor, we will ensure that you always have the right Sandtinel for the job.


  • Generates a unique Sandtinel operating curve based on your operating pressure, flow rates, sand size, and more
  • Provides a recommendation for the most effective Sandtinel unit to meet your needs
  • Saves previously generated curves for future reference
  • Shows the full range of operation where Sandtinel expects high separation efficiency (more than 95% separation efficiency for 100 mesh sand)
  • Can be connected directly to Sandtinel’s CFD services to provide you with a tailored simulation demonstrating Sandtinel’s effectiveness
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Experience the power of partnering with a top computational fluid dynamics company. Our groundbreaking solutions elevate your sand control to new heights, optimizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

Contact us today to learn more about our CFD tools and modeling services. 

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Flow Demonstrations

A flow demonstration showcases our vessels in more detail with a lab demo and technical rundown. In addition, our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

We can arrange to present the demo in person or send you an invite to an interactive webinar session.

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