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Operations are evolving
Sand management solutions are not

The energy industry is experiencing a sizeable shift in technologies and volumes. Nearly all producers are increasing lateral lengths up to 10,000 feet or more. More sand per lateral foot is increasing each year, and 2,500 lb per lateral foot is becoming a common sight.

These volumes are impacting sand management and erosion on production equipment. Producers are starting to see higher levels of sand carrying over into key production and facility assets, causing equipment wear and tear and plugged filters, leading to increased downtime and costly repairs.
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Key benefits of 
Operating a Sandtinel Vessel

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  • At 95+% sand capture rate, downtime, repairs & chargebacks are essentially eliminated.
  • The operational footprint is reduced by eliminating ineffective, redundant sand control solutions on sites.
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Maximize productivity with the quickest sand removal in the industry
  • Operators can remove sand in minutes with on the fly, filterless sand removal.
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Manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards
  • We only use flanged primary connections. Threaded connections are more susceptible to failure, especially if it is primary to the vessel. Options for NDT and inspection are also limited with threaded connection.
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Safest & cleanest sand removal in the industry
  • Operators are not only safe when removing sand they are also reducing up to 55 times less site emissions
    and minimizing wear on drain systems.

Since Sandtinel's inception, nearly 800 vessels have been deployed to over 2,000 locations.

They have won every field test, in every basin entered, from the Montney to the Permian & everything in between. Sandtinel is trusted by some of the most prolific oil & gas companies in North America.

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Sandtinel Vessels Cover a Variety Of
Parameters & Applications

A one-stop shop, we have our customers' requirements covered with vessels optimized for a
wide range of pressures & amped to handle extreme flow rates.

Vessel Defender Unit


Vessel Maverick Unit


Vessel Guardian


Vessel General Unit



Sandtinel experience & 
customer service

Sandtinel not only provides quality manufactured vessels and a solid integrity management program, 
we also HAVE over 150 years of COMBINED OPERATIONAL experience, coupled with deep product knowledge and broad customer service expertise. From partnership and continuous improvement to always-on service, we ensure our customers get the best value out of a Sandtinel vessel.

Partnership & Customer Success

Our sales and CFD research team collaborates closely with our customers to enhance sand management. Through simulations, analysis, and recommendations, we continually improve sand control

Orientation & 

Our sales and CFD research team collaborates closely with our customers to enhance sand management. Through simulations, analysis, and recommendations, we continually improve sand control

Customer Service & Support

Our dedicated field support team works closely with customer operators and service companies. We conduct frequent site visits, gather valuable feedback for product improvement, provide ongoing training, and promptly resolve any issues with the Sandtinel vessel.


That's when Sandtinel set out to shift the sand management landscape.

Sandtinel has developed the most sophisticated army of sand separators available on the market today, designed to combat and eliminate produced sand and significantly reduce emissions on every cycle, no matter the basin, condition, or application.
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Our Locations:

There are hundreds of Sandtinel units in use across North America, and we're here to support your operations in any basin with offices in:

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North Dakota
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