To our Valued Customers and Trusted Partners

sandtinel banner radix and sandtinel hit a milestone

Today, we’re excited to announce that Radix is spinning out its flagship product, Sandtinel Sand Separators, into its own entity.

“Radix was conceived to develop and incubate new product opportunities until they are mature enough to stand alone commercially. Sandtinel represents our first success and launch of an independent business entity.” Brent Rheaume, President & CEO.

We have become the industry’s most sought out sand separation solution with explosive growth in customer base and market share in just a few short years.

We attribute Sandtinel’s success to its cutting edge performance design, but more importantly, to our passionate people, innovative culture, and trusted partners who build it, promote it, and evolve it every day.

And to you, our valued customer, who operates Sandtinel every day, we love working with you and what you stand for. You are open minded, you challenge the standards, and you create solutions. Without you there wouldn’t be any inspiration to innovate Sandtinel, create change, and move our industry forward. Thank you for inspiring us.

With this change means good things are coming your way. Actually, they already are; our re-branded spherical sand separators - now called the Defender series - as well as some other new additions to our fleet, 72” and 96” spheres – they tie into multiple wells and handle massive flow rates.

We look forward to continued success.

The Sandtinel Team

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