Sandtinel Curve Generator

This online tool will build you a personalized operating curve to find you the perfect Sandtinel separator for your needs. This curve will show you the full range of flow rates where Sandtinel can remove more sand than any other mechanical sand separator on the market.

Sandtinel provides several different best-in-class sand separators, from our smallest sand separators for light production service, up to our giant 96” Generals for combined well testing and facility inlet applications. With a smart built-in recommendation engine, our curve generator will ensure that you always have the right Sandtinel for the job.

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Generate a unique Sandtinel operating curve based on your operating pressure, flow rates, sand size, and more

Provides a recommendation for the most effective Sandtinel unit to meet your needs

Saves previously generated curves to refer to in the future

Shows the full range of operation where Sandtinel expects high separation efficiency (more than 95% separation efficiency for 100 mesh sand)

Can be connected directly into Sandtinel’s CFD services to provide you with a tailored simulation demonstrating Sandtinel’s effectiveness

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