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Our team offers an effective combination of sand management expertise & deep particle separation knowledge to help you eliminate surface sand from production & equipment.

Field Support Services

We ensure seamless installs & provide the support you need, when you need it.

Our field services team works on the ground with your operators. We schedule frequent site visits, solicit valuable feedback for continuous product improvement & resolve any problems that may arise with the vessel or SMS.

sandtinel boardroom presentation
sandtinel boardroom presentation

Performance Reporting Services

Pre-install sand separation performance reporting:

Purchase/ lease with confidence. Our research team can accurately predict vessel performance against your pre-install well data using CFD technology. Within days you’ll know with pinpoint accuracy how our vessel will perform before you purchase/ lease.

Job performance reporting:

Accurately report sand trends for each job with confidence using Sandtinel’s Job Performance Reporting. We’ll work with your operations team to obtain job well data so we can perform sand analysis, performance reporting & identify opportunities to improve sand control after every job.

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Tailor built skid packages to meet your specific operational needs.

Customers can add on the Sand Measurement System (SMS), instrumentation & safety equipment to any vessel in order to enhance decision making, efficiency & protection.

sandtinel add on features


1. SMS - Measures & trends sand weight and volume in real time.

2. Blowdown Tank Level Switch - Alerts you when sand volume reaches its capacity.

3. Level Indicator Transmitter - Advanced level monitoring system.

Safety & Logistics

4. Blowdown Tank - Adds additional sand capacity and eliminates depressurizing & opening the vessel.

5. Utilidor - Protects equipment from the harsh elements.

6. Catadyne Heater - Keeps essential equipment warm in colder months.

7. Skid - For easy lift and transport.

sandtinel add on features
sandtinel boardroom presentation

Training Services

Vessel training:

We provide vessel operation, safety & maintenance training so that you can operate & maintain in the safest, most effective & efficient way possible.

Sand Measurement System (SMS) training:

We provide SMS install, operations & maintenance training so that you can operate & maintain the SMS equipment in the most effective & efficient way possible.

sandtinel boardroom presentation

Sand Management Consulting Services

Particle experts that work with you

Our research team has the expertise & tools to work as an extension of your sand management team. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology, we analyze your current operations & well data to recommend the most effective & efficient sand control equipment, footprint & layout.

cfd technology

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