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Sandtinel provides surface sand control & monitoring solutions to the oil & gas industry. We specialize in designing & engineering technologically advanced sand separators that truly remove more sand from production.


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sandtinel office locations
sandtinel office locations

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We're headquartered in Grande Prairie, Alberta with offices in the following locations:




Oklahoma City



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Our Evolving Story

  • Every Solution Starts with a Challenge

    Ours came from a client - an oil & gas producer. The challenge was straight forward:

    “How can we design a surface sand control solution that actually worked – not plugged, clogged, and carried over sand?"

    For us, we firmly believed this challenge’s opportunity laid at the core of the vessel – as it is here where performance is truly tested, and where competitive edge truly lies.

  • That's When Sandtinel was Borne

    We set out to design and create a technologically advanced alternative with the sole purpose of continuously elevating particle separation to whole new levels of performance. Performance that we hoped would ultimately shift the industry landscape.

  • The Shift Began in 2012...

    With the invention of the Vapor Lock Platform Technology otherwise known as the VL-TEK™.

    The VL-TEK™ is a patented, multi-phase separation technology found at the core of every vessel we design and engineer, and is fundamental to every generation of technology we conceive of.

  • It’s Proven to Truly Remove More Sand

    The VL-TEK™ creates a vapor lock & temporarily forces a phase separation of the gas from the liquids in the incoming mixture. This key feature is what distinguishes the VL-TEK™ from its competitors which gives users an edge in particle separation & erosion mitigation.

    Its filter-less design enables operators to remove sand in minutes, while still producing, without ever being exposed, just turn the valve and ship the sand and they are off to the next well in minutes - eliminating non-productive time of:

    • shut-in
    • downtime
    • cleaning plugged filters
    • raking sand out
  • We're Continuously Pushing the Limits in Particle Separation

    Leveraging the power of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we work closely with our customers to better understand evolving fracing techniques & technologies and their impact on fluid & particle behavior in order to continuously design & engineer tailored sand control solutions on the cutting edge of performance for the industry's evolving fracs & extreme well conditions.

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Your Experience Working With Sandtinel

Sandtinel offers you a combination of deep product knowledge and broad customer service expertise. From partnership and continuous improvement to always-on service, we ensure you get the best value out of Sandtinel and it's separators

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Partnership & Customer Success

Our product experts work with you. We partner with you and work as an extension of your team to understand your sand management needs, and continually provide solutions that meet and exceed your requirements.

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Onboarding & Training

We ensure seamless implementation. We will provide a trained and certified technician for your Sandtinel installation, as well as orientation and training to ensure your on-site staff are proficient in operating and maintaining the unit.

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Customer Service & Support

All the answers you need, when you need it. Our customer service team works on the ground with your operators. We schedule frequent site visits, solicit valuable feedback for continuous product improvement, provide ongoing training, and resolve any problems that might arise with the Sandtinel unit.